All four flavours of Maple Syrup Granola are made with Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Coconut Chips and Organic Rolled Oats.

Served with fresh fruits or paired with milk or yogurt is the age-old way of enjoying these granola. Apparently, they are excellent when used as a topping for overnight oats and ice cream!

The beautiful thing about homemade food is the generosity in both the quantity and quality. Because I feed my family and the people I love with only good ingredients, you get the same. No scrimping or cost-cutting there. I insist on using walnuts (for the Original flavour) from USA, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds from Europe despite cheaper alternatives out there.

Each granola flavour is available in four sizes, and two formats - refill packs and/ or gift packs. All gift packs come in beautiful, made in France, Le Parfait airtight glass jars and a wooden spoon.

The granola keeps for 2 months in a cool dark environment.

Please send an email if you will like to customize them in small jars as party favours.