Based in Singapore, this labour of love began in 2009 when a jar of homemade granola gifted to a dear friend became an antecedent of orders. That was exhilarating and unanticipated. It is manna for my otherwise quotidian life. This journey has been a lot of fun and wouldn't be complete without some little challenges along the way. Till now, everything is freshly made upon order. 

There are some personal ethos that I hold very close to my heart. I am inclined towards using reusable packaging because this world is already producing too much waste.

And then there is the food that we put into our mouths that hugely affects our general well-being. Being the kind of person who reads labels on (almost all) things I buy, all ingredients used are listed on the respective product page. There is nothing that is a mouthful, everything is natural. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know where each of the ingredients are from. This piece of information is vital to myself too. Also, Mrs Ergül operates in a no pork, no lard kitchen.

All I want in this little outfit is bringing real, honest happy food to you.

Jan 2013 - Mrs Ergül Delish Treats began using organic rolled oats and organic maple syrup in the Maple Syrup Granolas.
Mar 2013 - Organic pumpkin seeds are now used in the Maple Syrup Granola.

First granola packaging circa 2009