This must be the last to the Yuletide party but better late than never! A bigger selection than ever!

Each Yuletide Happy Tray comprises of:

1. Rugelach

      A Jewish pastry featuring cream cheese dough rolled with marmalade and a cinnamon walnut mix.

2. Korova Sables

      An all-time favourite of regulars.

3. Linzer Cookies

     Austrian almond based cookie sandwiched with tart cherry jam. A match made in heaven. These are jumbo-sized compared to the usual dainty Linzers sold by the dozens. 

4. Original Maple Syrup Granola

     The whole family will love this. I promise!

5. Shortbread

     Good old buttery shortbread baked to golden perfection that is so light on the palate.

6. X'mas Tree Viennese Chocolate Sandwich Sablé

     A sandy, buttery confectionery from my childhood, sandwiched with dark chocolate.

7. Speculoos

     Belgian spiced brown sugar cookie.

8. Whole Wheat Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

      Ever slightly earthy tone of chocolate cookies sandwiched with a blend of milk and dark chocolate. Another jumbo-size upgrade from the usual bite-sized cookies.

When all the goodies are in your tummy, you will be left with an useful and pretty zakka wooden tray as a keepsake which you can re-purpose!

2021 Yuletide Happy Tray

  • S$88.00

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